From Okinawa to the world

About us

The purpose of this study is to develop a glocal education that aims to fuse the highly practiced nurse education in Okinawa and Pacific island countries. Our university offers graduate school education based on island nursing that takes advantage of the characteristics of Okinawa. In particular, we have started education for primary care nurse practitioners who are active on the small islands in Japan. Taking advantage of the characteristics of Okinawa Prefecture, which has 39 manned remote islands, we would like to clarify the local viewpoint based on the prefecture’s island nursing and the characteristics of highly practiced nurse education being developed in the Pacific island countries near Okinawa. The Based on these findings, we aim to develop glocal education that combines global and local perspectives in island nursing. In addition, we will create a foundation for disseminating the results from the island country of Japan. This research was funded by JSPS KAKENHI JP16H09968 (representative: Midori Kamizato).



Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing・graduate school

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